Wicked Reports Drivers Ed What To Expect

6 sessions over 2 months. First we do 1 session a week for 4 weeks then move to 1 session every 2 weeks in the second month

Session #1 – The first session: Getting crystal clear on how wicked reports works. We can’t skip the fundamentals. This way you know how to ad new data sources over time and how to keep your data clean so you can trust it.

Session #2 – We teach you how to get immediate revenue insights. The data must be clean for this to work.

Buying Cycle and LTV
Determine new lead to sale conversion time
Evaluate new lead lifetime value

New Lead Cohort
What you can pay for new leads?
When do you break-even on lead gen campaigns?

Customer Cohort
What is an optimal cost to acquire a customer when I want to break-even as fast as possible?
How profitable are my customers over time?
When do I break-even acquiring a customer?
When do the customers double in value?
What was the best marketing for generating customers?

These reports use historical CRM and order data, so  you can get many answers before Wicked Reports has even tracked one click!

Session #3 – Understand how to use the different attribution models to optimize your ad spend

First Click – What drives initial brand awareness and new eyeballs?
New Lead First Optin – What acquires new leads at a high ROI?
Re-Engaged Lead Re Optin – What re-activated existing leads?
Last Click – What closes the sale?
Linear and Full Impact – What marketing is working so you can optimize ad spend

Session #4 – Make decisions together to optimize your ad spend using the on going decision framework

1. Determine New Lead Conversion Time
2. Evaluate New Lead LTV using New Lead Cohort
3. New Lead ROI report
4. Find the high ROI campaigns
5. Optimize with the Campaign Explorer
6. Move losing spend within the campaign to the winning targeting/offers. Find low ROI adset/ad combos and move the spend to high ROI adset/ad combos
7. Repeat

Session #5 – Keep optimizing your ad spend together using the on going decision framework

Session #6 – Keep optimizing your ad spend together using the on going decision framework

Option for on-going sessions if desired.