“Let me be very clear, I’m not an ordinary ONTRAPORT customer.”

VIP Services for ONTRAPORT

About VIP Services For Ontraport

I need the red carpet rolled out to pull off what I need done. I’m not your ordinary customer.

VIP Big Volume urgent and timely communication services

This service is for big volume senders 20-50 million + emails at a time, doing massive launches with potentially crazy amounts of complexity. It may be that you have large amounts of communication that needs to happen on a regular scheduled basis. Or your have one or two large campaigns that are seasonal or situationally dependent and have to get the message out quickly and know deliverability has to be spot on. 

Do you need to talk infrastructure? Tired of hearing, “Sure we can do it.” and then find out afterwards that it was a disaster.

Are you willing to plan in advance to make sure systems can handle the volume you’re going to put through them?  Working together we can scale up as long we start in early and know when you need to be ready to send. If you need to scale up to sending large volumes of email with no notice, we can’t help you. Most of the customers who do massive scale communications know and plan in advance. By sharing and planning with us and we will do everything in our power to make sure you can sleep at night while it all happens. We have the chops on our team to do it.

Can’t afford to have down time or delays? Do you need bulletproof systems? Do you need a team monitoring and working with you in advance to pull this off? Chances are it’s not your first rodeo…this is for you if you consider yourself the type organization that knows when it’s time to call in the big guns.

We can facilitate what you need. Let us roll out the red carpet for you, so don’t have a horrible experience.  What we refer to as “OTO”… The One Time Only experience.

We work closely with the VIP Team and make sure your a happy camper today and in the future.

VIP Advanced Integration Services.

Do you need an integration to a legacy systems? Or, do you have an integration that has gone a bit wonky and you need someone with enterprise level expertise to review and recommend what to do?

Have you had a custom integration done by a developer that was good at the time, but did not leave any documentation behind and now they have disappeared… or you find them hard to work with because they don’t speak business process?

We speak two languages: EXECUTIVE and GEEK. And, we can translate between the two on the same phone call. If you’re the executive and need us to work with your team to get the tech stuff done we’ve got you covered.

For those of you in this situation we offer a tech and business goals review to evaluate what needs to be built, fixed or tweaked.

We are not YES men. We can also help you decide when the shortest and least expensive way to success is to just trash it and rethink it so it’s simpler, scaleable and operates in a way that requires less maintenance. We like our phone to ring too, but only with, “We need more stuff done.” vs. “Hey our system broke again.”

A great surgeon never has to do the same procedure twice…

We offer a free 30 minute to 1 hour consultation. We’d rather invest the time upfront vs engaging in something that doesn’t make sense for you or us. We want to understand the issues and determine if we are a fit. We need to find out if this will be a mutually beneficial long term relationship. Our best customers have been with us for 25 years and counting. When they have problem, they have the privilege to wake us up in the middle of the night. It rarely happens, but it’s comforting to know they can.

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