Hello, this is Casey. I’m the head of the growth team here at Bonjuro. And I just want to take a moment to appreciate, Josh and Sam and Mobile Pocket Office. And we’ve been partners for a long time, maybe two years, we’ve worked together on, you know, gosh, a dozen different projects. And they’re incredible. I don’t even know where to begin and start the fact that it is run with two people, blows my mind. I mean, you really feel like you have a group of 20 hands behind deck on each of these projects. They combine an incredible human touch with automations and systems and processes that help you scale and systematize what you’re doing., You know, their motto there is to keep things human, as much as you can, and then automate the rest and here at Bonjuro our organization, we always say automate processes, but not relationships.

So I mean, ethos is, is connected on both ends. We have the exact same mission that we’re driving home and how we try to deal with customers, but I just have nothing but incredible things to say about every project and every customer that I’ve ever had that has come through there. They always are reporting back and saying that their expectations have been blown away. It’s just a privilege. It’s a privilege. Every time I get an opportunity to work with them. If people come in and they have specific needs around automate automation around systematizing processes, they are always the number one person that I refer for those kinds of situations because they just knock their socks off. And so I am definitely strongly recommending anyone who is looking at who is considering having a teammate, having a partner who’s going to help you build out processes. Who’s going to help you grow your business. Who’s going to help you scale your business. Mobile pocket office is the best of the best.

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