As a client please  start here to learn how to interact using Teamwork.

Ok here is the sizzler reel first!

How to work with us as a collaborator in Teamwork. Collaborators have limited permissions within our Teamwork Projects.

You can perform basic actions such as:
  • Complete tasks and milestones assigned to you
  • View files,
  • Edit files you upload,
  • Add & reply to messages,
  • Add comments, and
  • Set privacy on project items
Collaborators cannot:
  • Create new tasks, task lists, milestones, or links
  • Update milestones, task lists, tasks, notebooks, links
  • Log time
  • View the calendar
  • Set statuses
  • Access Billing
  1. At MPO we create and manage the task lists and visibility,  assign to team members to communicate, collaborate and complete them.
  2. To request a task to be added or scope change, add a message and a tag “Change Request” for us to review.
  3. Once approved by MPO, we will add/ assign the task, either as part of the current work plan, or extension of scope and fees after we discuss with you.

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