Do I need both?

Salesforce-Ontraport Review – The Myth

COMING SOON – a riveting discussion on Salesforce and Ontraport. Like a tale of two cities, but more relevant to your business.

In the last 6 weeks we keep having this discussion with sophisticated customers, you know if your the type,  if a consultant said you really need both and you really don’t understand why. You just know it’s more complicated.

Now that Ontraport has introduced full blown CRM Customer Relationship Manager tools  with Account and Deal management we are able to talk with Enterprise level customers. Game changer.

Personally, I think Salesforce literally IS your father’s CRM.  And since Sam and I are father and son. I worked with Salesforce from the day it came out way back in February 1999.  Dudes,  as of 2018 that is 19 years ago. Hardly cutting edge.   In the software and automation time continuum, that is light years ago. Today true SAI,  (sales artificial intelligence) enabled sales automation does not need sales people, (sorry my generation)  until the buyer is ready to have a human to human conversation at the right point in the customer journey and then it is super important to make that human connection. Just think for a moment do answer your phone any more if you don’t know the number.

Mark my word in the next few years your B2B customers will be doing business with you via Facebook Messenger Chat bots. Ok, don’t know what a chatbot is other than you have heard on the news?  or how that can happen?  Check out hipmunk on facebook messenger. Using natural language to schedule travel, get reservations and make the payment without ever talking to a human or leaving the interface.  OMG.

Bookmark this space as the story unfolds.


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