Profit Answer Man Podcast: Creating Profitable Automation in Your Business with Sam Ovett

In this podcast, Sam talks with Rocky Lalvani of Profit Answer Man about one of the biggest problems, many businesses face is marrying all the technology they use so that they talk to each other and it automates many of the tasks that are routine and boring for the employees.
And that's what we're here to help you do is to improve yours, but it also improves the customer experience and it helps your top line grow as we'll hear about how to. About automating the sales processes as well.


Dead America: Sam Ovett

In this Podcast, Sam speak with Ed Watters of Dead Amerca Podcast. Some of the things they cover in this podcast include many processes with no automation—the five stages of business. Find out where to use your human workforce. You can work from anywhere we speak about names can be misleading. So do your homework. We cover the value of automation.


John Garrett Podcast: Sam Ovett

In this podcast, Sam talks with John Garrett about his passions for kayaking, skiing, and rock climbing. They also talked about how these passions gave him a lesson that applies to other aspects of his life and how continuous encouragement and genuine interest in your employees can improve the company culture!


Marketing B2B Technology: Sam Ovett – Mobile Pocket Office

In this podcast, Sam shares his story with Mike Maynard of Marketing B2B Technology, from originally being a whitewater kayaker and guide to becoming a complete automation nerd, and how Mobile Pocket Office helps companies identify the opportunities they are missing out on, and which processes they can implement to ensure they are on calls that are closing deals rather than prospecting ones.


The Marketing Innovation Show: Cross-Channel Marketing & Business Process Automation Insights for 2021

In this podcast Sam & Josh was invited in the The Marketing Innovation Show's first episode of the year with Host Andrei Tiu. They talked about subjects such as the changes that have happened in 2020 in terms of business processes, trends in sales & marketing automation for 2021, as well as designing a future-proof business infrastructure for this year and a touch on multi-channel attribution and how to implement this correctly in both sales & marketing.