Ontraport Group Expert

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Blog

Well we finally after 8 years we made it to the big time!  Or maybe we can no longer  hide on Facebook in the Ontraport user Community anymore as regular ol’ users.

From Ontraport:

What are the “Group Expert” badges you see? They are assigned to current Certified Consultants as found on our page at https://ontraport.com/partners/experts

Certified Consultants have annual specialized training directly with Ontraport, and must pass the certification exam each year. Most provide contract services to help you get up and running with Ontraport. The badge is displayed next to or below their name in posts (see the example for Sam Ovett below).

Need to discuss turning an idea into reality?  Or are you are drowning in tech or is process making just is not your thing  and need someone to throw you a life saver?