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by Jul 17, 2020Blog

This how we roll.

Our goal is to make it super simple, fabulously frictionless and easy to work together.

Otherwise if it is not fun, we know you won’t do it.

And if its fun and valuable you will love it.

This just like “Sesame Street” where all the things that are the same stay together.

After making it painful to do at first, its easy to make things hard and it take a lot of effort make things simple. 

We sat down with the busiest customer we have, and getting on their calendar is like looking for needle in a haystack.

So it was developed with a customer, for use by customer who just did not want to mess with any complexity. You can ask us about Blue House White Stripe theory.

You only want to know what is done or not and answer any questions we need or you have to get it done.  Progress not perfection… right

The result…it made all out meeting quick stand ups.

They told us to tell all you, what we told them.

So here is it …Go out and  xxxx  yourselves until you are laughing!

See ya soon!

Josh & Sam