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Payment Gateways – setting up Stripe or PayPal

Once your prospect has committed to buy the next step is making sure they can pay. We can help you with the process of setting up Stripe or PayPal so you can use the order forms in Ontraport to take payment. Properly configuring your payment gateways and hooking them up to your Ontraport account is a sure fire way to be perceived in a professional manner in the eye of your newest customer! And it’s nice for you to get paid and have visibility into whats happening in your payment systems!


Last time we checked 30% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. It’s a powerful platform and with great power comes…great confusion. We understand the ins and outs and we understand that it can be confusing at times. When comes to using WordPress and Ontraport together we can get you rocking and rolling so you don’t have to deal with the tech. You can focus on building your business not fussing with technology.

Ontrapages V3

With Ontrapages V3 you have the most powerful landing page builder on the market. It gives you the power to adjust what is seen based on the actions someone has taken with your site. It has the incredible ability to be customized to fit your needs and there is a lot of tech behind the scenes that we can help you with to get you looking sharp and performing technically well!

Facebook Ads

The most important thing you can do with your Facebook Ads is know exactly which ones are performing for you. That way you can test, fast find the winners and kill the losers. But setting the tracking up takes time and expertise. If you want use to set it up we can help you out.

Facebook Super Pixal

Businesses: Are you targeting or segmenting your audiences for each of your brands by separate pixals and losing the power of the pixel?
Use the super pixal method to 10x your pixel power.

Marketers: Are If you advertising on behalf a niche of complementary businesses that have a similar audience, but different products or services?
Use the super pixal method to boost business for your all your customers and they will be bragging on you.

How to get your competitors to introduce their customers.

Who has your audience now? Everyone should know about their competition?  Successful business owners understand Co-opetition.  Simple concept , most find hard to get heads around implementing.  Reframe your thinking not as  competition for your products but for audience attention. Then think who has the same buyer customer profile but sells complementary products or services.  They would love to get in front of your audience and they will let you get in front of thiers. Co-opetition is a business strategy that goes beyond the old rules of competition and cooperation to combine the advantages of both. Co-opetition is a pioneering, high profit means of leveraging business relationships.  Leverage your Ontraport to make this happen. 

Do you know which ad spend is working?

We hear this all the time. I am spending money on Facebook, Google, Linkedin. But I don’t know what is making sales that are profitable.
Set up advanced tracking and campaigns to what is working where, when and why right in Ontraport.

Twitter Ads

Do you work the crowds of people with the same interest who gather?  Like targeting thousands of people at a specific  trade show or within a mile of event?  Did you hear the story of the animated talking salmon videos that took over the Twittersphere of a global seafood trade show? Did you hear that the talking salmon helped drive leads and interviews from industry thought leaders that could then be used in sales reach out and follow up process to help prospects understand the salmon farming feed product? That’s okay, it makes sense that you didn’t because we used hyper specific targeting to make the ads work so it was only seen by people who it was relevant to! Just like Facebook Ads it’s incredibly important to track whats working and what’s not. Let us know if you need a hand with this.


Need to move data from one place to another without having to write code? Zapier is amazing for that. Zapier also allows you to do some powerful automation that could dramatically reduce the amount of manual work you have to do in your business. While many Zaps are easy, it can get tricky and you do want to get it right. Because broken automation is at best not working and at worst wrecking havoc! We can help you by setting them up or ensuring they are set up properly.

Connect Ontraport Accounting and Stripe

Xero + XOSync. On it’s own Xero is an online accounting system that is match made in heaven for those who hate accounting but love business. If you have Ontraport and use it’s ability to have people pay you through the OrderForms then you are even better off! You can now send everything you need for keeping up with your books straight through from Ontraport to Xero by implementing the XOSync connector by ITmooti. If you’d like someone to set this up for you. Let us know, we can do it.


A simple beautiful scheduling tool that works amazing on all devices. If you are looking for an easy tool, this is the ticket! If you need integrating it into your appointment setting and follow up process let us know we can help you out!


Need to step up to a more sophisticated scheduling system that has more flexibility to fit into your sales funnel. Want your scheduling tool to automatically send out a zoom video call link. ScheduleOnce can handle this and more. Although it can be technical to set up, it is super powerful and flexible. Let us know if you want us to add it into your funnel.


Want to provide a smooth video calling experience for all your video meetings? Zoom is a no brainier. We can help you integrate it into your processes. Example Book a call and have a zoom meeting scheduled and  sent out to your prospect or customer.

Wistia & Vimeo

Host your videos in a secure private location. See the analytics you need and optimize for success.


Pass opt-in information from your Bloom form to Ontraport


Super custom forms that connect to all your pieces of technology


Need to send merged data from your system to secure documents and get them signed by your prospects and/or customers and alert you when the deal is signed off?  This is a great way to do it can be integrated into your process.

WordPress Security

If you’re sites making money for you and then it gets hacked and corrupted, it will stop making money for you. So it’s important to take the time to protect your site! So don’t get blindsided by Russian hackers or web bots that want to take you down. We can help you set up the security measures you need to make sure you get the protection you need.

Yoast SEO

If Google can’t find you… chances are the audience you want to get your message out to can’t either. That’s were properly implementing Yoast SEO inside your WordPress site comes in. We can help you set it up appropriately.

Data Appending Services

Data, data, data! Want to add more information like phone numbers, emails, and social accounts to a database of names you already have. Let us know we can usually dig up and deliver the details for you.

Lead List Building Services

Sometimes you need a list of prospects… we can help you get the list of prospects. Need phone numbers and emails for prospects in an industry. Need segmented data about the market? We can usually get that for you. It’s up to you to use it responsibly. for cold email

You can’t send cold email out of Ontraport. It’s designed for people that have opted in to your world. However cold email does work and depending on your marketing strategy it can be super effective when it’s done right. But not automating things is really time consuming and not much fun. Which is why we are big fans of using for as the tool of choice automating cold email and making sure it reaches the inbox and not the promotions folder. Want us to set it up for you? We can do that.

API Integration Services

Need to integrate Ontraport with another system? We can build out the integration for you.

Setup Ontraport Custom Objects

Ontraport Custom Objects can be tricky and they allow you to do super powerful things with Ontraport. We love designing how Custom Objects work and setting up the process to make it all work. Let us know if you want a hand in this department.

Write and implement Webhooks for Ontraport

A lot of times you can use a webhook instead of a tool like Zapier and if you’re moving a lot of data it can save you a lot of money. If you need data moved around let us know we can probably write a webhook for you.

Sales Funnel Building

A finely tuned sales funnel that you can quickly test and adjust and duplicate for new offerings is the holy grail of attracting and converting leads to sales. To build one you have to design the journey you want your customers to experience and test it in the wild and optimize for the best results. If you need someone to help you design and implement this let us know, we love this part of the automation process!


Cool company, nice people, even better tool. This tool helps connect and configure automation around conversion, Facebook, two way SMS, webinars, dates, process automation and analytics. Sometimes Ontraport needs a little boost and PlusThis usually has an answer!


Need two way texting, Recording Text responses and phone calls. Tracking phone calls from Facebook ads. We built an API call from Ontraport to CallRail. It’s really great because it solves the problem of sending an automated text out of a campaign and then being able to respond back to that text message with a text message inside the CallRail interface. But, CallRail does much more than texting. It handles phone calls for an entire sales team. You can track where every call comes from so you know the effectiveness of your ads and organic content. It’s a robust solution and an easy to learn tool. We are big fans and would be happy to help you integrate it into your business process.

Do you make sales when the phone rings?

Instead of 5 clicks, you only need 2 clicks to generate the call.

75% of the people using the mobile phone to click on a Google AdWords These are not prospects who have just clicked on an ad…they’re prospects who have called your phone number wanting to inquire/buy.

Learn exactly how to save money, time and harness “Google Pay Per Call” on Google Adwords to get super qualified leads. Google has created a pure PPCall offering meeting the needs of advertisers who want calls and want to avoid clicks or worrying about landing pages.

Two way automated texting

There are a few tools we can use to skin this cat. You’d think it be pretty easy, but it turns out texting can be a complicated messaging medium to get right. It’s easy to send messages out, but it’s more challenging to receive and respond to them. Let us know if you want to take about it.

PilotPress Access Level Mass Updater

For those of you that use PilotPress and Ontraport to manage who has access to what and have a lot of pages that need to be updated to accurately reflect access levels. We built a WordPress plugin that lets you do just that.

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) automated upload of of Offline sales to improve conversion tracking

We had a need to to set-up Ontraport Google AdWords and Google Analytics so we knew exactly which AdWords Keywords and Ads Result in an Offline Sale. Why would you want to do this? With this information you can find out which Keywords to test spending more on and which ones to spend less on. You’ll also know which Ads convert best to not only leads, but to sales. Which is what drives your bottom line. Now you can stop burning cash on Ads that don’t do anything for you.

Facebook Pixel 

The almighty Facebook Pixel. This little piece of code can tell you everything you need to know about how well your Ads are performing so long as you set it up correctly. Depending on your level of tech savvy and complexity that you need setting up the Facebook Pixel for your Ad account can be anywhere from super easy to downright hard! No matter were you are on the spectrum we can help you set it up and verify that it’s done correctly!


We are Ontraport certified consultants. What does that mean? Why does it matter to you?

Wondering what online ads cause an offline sale? 

Tracking sales that happen offline, but started online. Do you use Google ads, Facebook or other online promotions,  but your sale happens offline or with a sales rep? The challenge is knowing what ad caused a sale.  If you only knew,  you would say to yourself, “I would spend more on what worked and less on what didn’t.”  Well we can use Ontraport to automatically track that and make google ads and Google AI smarter so it  puts ads in front of better qualified prospects.  Regardless if the ad has someone filling in a request for information form, or generating a phone call. We can track it.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads

Create deals on Ontraport for new LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads
Every new prospect captured by your ads is a new opportunity for your business. Make sure you can react as quickly as possible by setting up this integration. From then on, whenever one of your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms captured a new lead, we’ll add a deal to Ontraport for it, helping your team pounce when the opportunities are hottest.

Linkedin Retargeting

Wondering how to retarget your website visitors on LinkedIn?
Want to use LinkedIn ads to reach your non-responsive email contacts?
LinkedIn Matched Audiences lets you deliver marketing messages based on website re-targeting, account targeting, and email contact targeting.

Linkedin Target Marketing

Virtually place your ad in front of any one of Linkedin’s 500 million members

Data Enrichment:Prospecting with Google Maps?

Are you building lists of local businesses or chains? Our Place Lookups enrichment lets you collect lots of info from Google Maps fast.

If you’re selling to restaurants, hospitals, local services, hotels, chains or more – this is how you’ll want to get company addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, hours of operation (and more).

Data Enrichment: Still manually Searching LinkedIn for Companies AND Decision Makers?

Prospecting for Companies? Our Linkedin Company Prospector service gets you up to 500 companies a day without ever having to visit LinkedIn. Filter by industry, size, keyword, and locations.Find Decision Makers. Take your list of companies and use the People enrichment to get you emails of key people @ that company.

Data Enrichment: Got names of companies, but you need more info to qualify your leads?

Success! You’ve got names of companies but you need more info to qualify your leads. Use OUr LinkedIn prospector to get URLs, Addresses, Company Descriptions, Company Size, Industry (and more) delivered right into your lead list.

Data Enrichment:Employee Email Finder

You have a list of companies, now it’s time to find a boat load of email addresses for your outbound campaign. That’s where Email Finder comes to the rescue. Instead of searching for emails one by one, you can build a prospect list in minutes.

Data Enrichment: Hyper personalized for your campaigns

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get hyper personalized for your campaigns? All you need is an email address and you get seemingly limitless profile info like getting peoples’ demographics, contact, and social info

The Holy Grail for tracking offline sales with Google Ads and Ontraport

Image  getting 100’s of leads from Google Ad spend but only a handful of them turn into offline sales, knowing which keywords & ads are driving the leads are great, but we don’t know exactly which keywords & ads are driving the SALES.

You need to know which keywords are driving Sales Offline, not just getting Leads Online.  Plus you are missing the automatic free assist from Google new artificial intelligence and related technologies to make suggestions for optimizing ad campaigns. 

We learned this working with the google advanced team. They are incentive drive to help you convert more leads. Not just spend more.

Many clients we see  often struggle with true end to end conversion reporting. Especially those that are B2B that provide high value products or services. Their websites drive a good amount of  leads, yet sales are completed offline, they cannot see which campaigns, keywords or ads that produce the true sales. In many cases AdWords will only track information to an Online landing page or if your really smart and connect tracking to inbound call phone calls,  if you know how to set that up and capture it, have it properly set up, yet the Offline sales are the ultimate conversion point!  You know your phone rings or people show up at your door or make an appointment online. The really sad thing is Google has no idea of when it happened, to which lead it provided and how much was the sale amount. All this information helps google help you find more of the right customers for you over and over again as it learns. Just about everyone we talk to that sells offline is unaware of the impact of what this can mean to them or what to do about it.

Let’s tell this a simple story. Image a business that sells cars: prospects arrive at the website, view a range of cars and submit an enquiry. The dealer goes through all the leads, contacts each customer and sells to only one lead. Ninety nine of the leads could have come from the keyword “used car” with a Cost Per Lead of 2.05,  yet 1 lead could come from the keyword “Used Audi A4” with a Cost Per Lead of $7.00

We would naturally see the $7.00 versus the $2.05 and pause the $7.00 expensive keyword“Used Audi A4”, thus thinking we are making the account much more efficient.

In reality we just potentially may have blown the biggest opportunity, if that one lead could have been the one that make the sale and we would have lost the best performing keyword!

Plus…“Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and
PPC ads. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum
bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process. … The relevance of each keyword
to its ad group. Landing page quality and relevance.” -Wordstream

You can solve this manually using a 36 step process every day and we can provide you the steps. If you have at least 100 leads a month this is a critical thing that needs to be done on a timely basis to allow google to deliver better leads that convert.

Ask Us about “Mobile Pocket Office -Ontraport Adwords Auto Postback” solution.
Using our process we enable Ontraport to automatically send back to Google the data real time when the sale is logged, even if the money is not collected using Ontraport. Which is needed on a timely basis to improve quality scores and potentially lower costs and provide better targeting.

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