Let the air out of your tires

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Blog

Think differently….

A truck driver got the top of his semi stuck under an underpass one day when he took a risk and thought he had enough clearance.  First they brought in someone from the highway department, who immediately called an engineer.  The engineer started trying to figure out an elaborate way to jack the underpass up, so the truck could be freed without damage.  A little girl on a bicycle kept pulling on his pants leg and saying, “Hey mister!  Hey MISTER!”  But it was to no avail.  He chased her off.  “Go away, kid.”

The highway department rep kept looking at the engineer’s plans and thought it was too elaborate and too expensive, so he got another idea.  He called a heavy equipment operator, who came out to the scene and said, “What if we dig out the road under the truck with a backhoe?  Maybe then it will lower the truck and it can be driven off.”  The little girl went up to the heavy equipment operator.  “Hey mister!  Hey MISTER!”  The man just glared at her.  “Little girl, we’re busy.  SCRAM!”

Finally, the exasperated little girl went up to the truck driver.  “Hey mister!  HEY, MISTER!”  The truck driver, who felt sorry for the little girl being ignored so badly, sighed and said, “What?”

“Mister, I know what to do!” the little girl said.  “JUST LET THE AIR OUT OF THE TIRES!”

Sometimes all your experience is nothing more then blinders.  A fresh pair of eyes from a different view point can make a huge difference. Your new hires will always ask better questions, since they don’t have a clue why your do things yet and  if you let them provide input you may be stunned. Remember the six words that kill businesses.  “We have always done this way.”