by | Jul 26, 2021 | implementation

How to share a password with us securely via LastPass

Need Last pass free account:

Short cut to enter your account info. Log out of whatever app you want to save. Then re log in and lastpass will ask if you want to save it.  Then do the 3 steps.

1. Access your vault on, or open the app on a Mac or PC.

1 How to share password via Lastpass
The interface for the LastPass web version and LastPass app version are virtually indistinguishable, making it easy to float between using either. 


2. Hover over the program whose password you want to share, and click the overlapping portraits icon.

2_ _How_to_share_password_via_Lastpass
 LastPass makes it easy to share an updated account password. 


3. Enter my email and click “Share.”

Enter the mobile pocket office email of the recipient and click “Share.”  Check Allow Recipient to View Password.


Have the recipient check their email. They’ll click “Accept Shared Data” in the email from LastPass, and will be granted access to the shared password after logging in to their LastPass account, or creating one if they aren’t account holders yet. You will get alert when the accept.