Google has introduced Google Stories…and has developed a plugin for WordPress. This is from an article on Search Engine Journal
Google announced a beta WordPress plugin that enables publishers to take advantage of Google’s relatively new Web Stories. Web Stories is a way to rank at the top of Google search, Google images, Discover, and Google App.
Google Web Stories is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is content that is meant to be consumed in small chunks. Each page of a Web Story contains a maximum of 10 words.
The recommended size of a Web Story is between four and 30 pages. Publishers can monetize Web Stories with affiliate links and Google Ad Manager.
Web Stories are meant to be consumed by mobile users who want to consume content at a glance. Google describes the typical content consumer as someone on a subway or having lunch.
.Google Web Stories is open source and free.
Publishers are adopting the web story format because it can be featured in an attractive way for mobile users. Web Stories represents a new way to obtain a significant amount of traffic.
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Should You Download Web Stories WordPress Plugin?

The plugin is in beta and it does not have all the features. There may be bugs in it. However, it may be useful to create a staging site to familiarize yourself with the plugin and be ready when the full featured plugin becomes available.

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