This is an example of a working email created with the Ontramail email editor inside my Gmail inbox sent from an Ontraport account. This is a good example of the final outcome you can expect after you implement this tutorial.

To implement this we need to add a new field to the Ontraport user that will be the contact owner for each deadline funnel campaign. Then we need to add the HTML from Deadline funnel into that field. Then we can use a field on the contact owner record to merge the Deadline Funnel HTML into the email.

Here are the steps to do this.

First navigate to administration panel

Then click on user management

Select user field editor

Scroll down to the bottom and add a New Section like we did here and name it “Deadline funnel code” and then add a long text field for the campaign you want to add a Deadline funnel timer for. In this tutorial we have already added the field. This field should be named in line with the campaign the Deadline Funnel Countdown timer is used for. You can add many different fields if you have multiple campaigns with Deadline Funnels countdown timers in them. This is why it is important to establish clear and consistent naming conventions.

Be sure to hit save in the top right when you have finished adding a section and a new long text field.

Now navigate back to the user management panel and select user management.

Choose the user that will be the contact owner of all your records. In this case it will be the user Cyrus. We’ve whited out the rest of the users details since this is a real client account.

Add the HTML code given by Deadline funnels into the field you previously created.

Inside the Ontramail editor select the following merge field under contact owner fields

When you merge it in. It will look like this in the editor and you are all set!

Now when you send your email as part of the campaign you’ve built including the necessary webhooks. Your email should have your countdown timer in it.

That’s it your all set. If you need this implemented for your account and don’t want to do it yourself feel free to reach out.

Sam Ovett