We get this question often may clients have several brands or business and wondered if they need another Ontraport account. The answer to start with is no you don’t. We thank Rochelle Yoshida at Ontraport who wrote this article for Ontraport support.

Some of the related questions:

Is it possible to edit the “unsubscribe” email address when you have multiple clients/brands?

You can configure user roles and permissions to use one ONTRAPORT account for two separate businesses.

  1. Setup a role for the second business. We recommend limiting permissions for “can view contacts”, “can create/edit contacts” and “can delete contacts” to Owned by Me and My subordinates so that this user only sees the contacts associated with that business.
  2. Create a user for the second business. Fill in the information for the secondary business including business name, street address, email from name and reply to email. 

Important Information

  • The “owner” field in the contact record designates which business the contact belongs to.
  • When composing messages, select the appropriate send from name so the system knows which user to send from.
  • The company name/address that is automatically inserted into the footer of your email messages is driven by the users personal profile details found under profile icon > manage users or personal profile. 


  • How do I manually associate which business a contact belongs to? Find the contact record and edit the Owner field (usually found under the lead information section).
  • How do I automatically update which business a contact belongs to?There are two ways to accomplish this. In Campaigns, use the Update Contact element, select Owner from the dropdown menu and select the appropriate user to associate which business the contact should belong to. Alternatively, set the Owner from a page or form by going to form settings > notification and routing section. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate owner.

  • How do I send emails from the correct business? When creating messages, select the desired Send from. If you select “contact owner”, the system will pull the details associated with that user seat of that user profile. To see this information, click the profile icon in the top right corner and select manage users. 
  • How do I send an email broadcast from the correct business? In the email message settings, make sure to select the appropriate Send from name and ensure the contacts selected have the correct owner. 
  • Does it matter which user seat I use to build Campaigns in? No, the messaging sent to contacts is driven by the email settings.
  • The address at the bottom of my emails is wrong, how do I change it?Go to the profile icon in the upper right corner, then select manage users. If you do not see this option, that means you don’t have this permission. You can edit your user information by click your profile icon > personal profile.