Here is an after opt-in follow up framework to use from Sam Flegal’s presentation

Send 5 emails over 2 weeks and 5 days.

Personal Gain


Logic Email

Are you still?

Have you…yet?

Day 1 – Send a personal gain email

Paint a picture of what life is going to be like.

Use more of an emotional appeal here

The copy should resonate with their desires and hope for the future

Day 2 – Send a FOMO fear of missing out email

Focus on the undesirable outcomes of not taking you up on your offer

Tap into triggers like

Social proof




Only use these triggers if they are true.

Day 3 – Send a Logic email

Talk about a fact and data

Use evidence of customer success 

Credible sources for reviews and supporting arguments.

If, then statements

Day 4 – Send an “Are you still?” email

Flat out ask if they’re struggling with the problem you solve

Force them to mentally address their lack of action

Day 5 – Send a “Have you…yet?” Email

If someone hasn’t taken you up on your offer by this point, it’s time to apply gasoline.

This is a hard sell.

Similar to the last email but take it one step further.

Ask them, flat out, why they haven’t you taken you up on your offer yet

Remind them of the urgency of your problem.

Expect responses and read them