Facebook Group Lead Generation to Ontraport.

Get your Facebook group members directly into Ontraport with all their information when they sign up to your group.


Facebook Group Lead Generation to Ontraport.

How to get rid of work for you or fire an employee.

The Great Resignation.

Two words that sent chill down your spine .

I quit. 

What is better?  Telling an employee “your job is now redundant and fire or re-assign them. Then you have added thousands to your bottom line by eliminating overhead for years come.

Managing and growing a Facebook group is hard but generating leads should not be.

No more time suck of more copying or taking screen shots and then painfully and manually pasting of new members information field by field from your Facebook group to excel/google sheet or CRM or importing to you auto responder.

Discover an easy way to help you get more leads and also sell more of your products to your Facebook group members on AUTOPILOT! No more waking up to a sweet and sour process. Glad you have leads. Oh darn, now I have to enter them into marketing system for hours and works on the NEW Facebook layouts.

Add those Facebook Group leads to your email, texting, chatbot, or marketing platform automagically.

Case Study:

Our client runs an online course for years. Group members are only  women who are professors at universities. She has a successful Facebook private group. It is the lifeblood of her new leads. Receiving on average 80-120 new join requests per day.  For every person who eventually bought, her course sale amount was worth $6,000 each.

She does not accept everyone in the group, plus it's only women. Finally, it got too painful and time consuming to preview the entry questions and decide who gets admitted, who did not fill certain answers or answer them correctly, like they were required.  Enter a valid email. If not she had to respond back to please fill in.

Then those that we qualified, she had to copy and paste that all that info field by field into Ontraport, then tag them so they were added the welcome engagement series which capture profile building questions so she could segment them into the appropriate campaign after the welcome series completed, so they get messages that matter based on where they are on their professional journey and then offer them the right program.

So like any other business owner she first thought “hire more help” . Ok , so she hired a Sandy for $3,000/ month to do the tedious work.

Bingo she now was able to say “you do this now”!

Fast forward 28 months later. Out of the blue, Sandy says thank for the opportunity but I’m quitting next week.

We were on the phone a week after the happened. Such a hot mess was going on.

Needless to say she was overwhelmed. It was her prime time for the course opening and she was trying to keep up with sales, marketing and onboarding and teaching.

So by now 850 group requests were backed up and the requests kept coming. Daily it was like swimming in place against an incoming tide that never stopped.


We developed a solution that completely replaces all the repetitive work that Sandy did and actually improved upon it.

When a Facebook Private group requests we made. We checked every 15 minutes for those that did not fill in the correct information we messaged them to review and resubmit.

For those that did put in all the information and collected and all the other gems you don’t know you can get from Facebook. We verified and that the answers were correct especially if you are a women, and an an email. Then we pulled that information into Ontraport and tagged them to started them on the welcome series so that they are not reliant only on Facebook if it is down or for some unknown reason Facebook blocks them. Of course that never happens hahahah.

In the welcome series we ask one question and over 10 emails will have collected a full profile needed to put them on the right campaign for the right offer once the 10 emails series stops.

Save yourself the time or having to get an assistant. Our Solution works 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year does not take breaks, get sick, need to be managed. Does not make mistakes and does not complain no matter how hard it has to work to process.

This is not difficult problem to decide on.
 $5,850 UDS One time payment  set up

On going:
Yearly $324 plus
Monthly $2.5 cents USD per lead inserted for first 2,000 lead transfers per month.  Payable monthly at $50/month.

So go ahead and save yourself the frustration or the cost of an assistant even if a virtual one.

Per our client after 4 days. "Oh my god this such a life saver. What a relief, a game changer and the bonus is I'm saving over $35,000 and over five years that $180,000. Like a light switch, turn it on and it just works. We love you guys!"
Your guide in this journey is Sam Ovett, Co-Founder of Mobile Pocket Office and Wicked Reports Certified Partner.
When you purchase you will be provide a link to schedule a setup and installation call.
Facebook Group Leads to Ontraport
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