DiscoPosse & Mobile Pocket Office Get Funky!

Sam had the chance to speak with Eric Wright of the Disco Posse Podcast on October 2nd. Below is a quick overview of the conversation. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Podcast Bio: This month for the Marketing Automation Discussion we are talking with Sam Ovett on how to apply business process engineering to the sales and marketing world. Business process engineering is the practice of analyzing businesses and applying new methods to make them run leaner, better and more efficiently.


If you answer yes to one of these questions.

  1. Need to fix your business and get a life? 
  2. Just starting your automation journey? 
  3. Feeling overwhelmed on where to begin your automation? 
  4. Just feel sometimes like chucking your whole system out the window?

Then we can help.

Here's the problem: You are manually doing everything in your business. And have no idea where to where to start or how to start automating. Finally, you want to be working ON your business not IN your business.

Here's the solution: Understand what your process looks like to acquire a customer. By making a map of each and every step a customer takes in your funnel. Then reduce any mistakes they can make when entering information.

Easier said than done. So we made a four part video series for you that explains how to do it in more detail. Traditionally this is called Business Process Engineering and we at Mobile Pocket Office have taken this concept along  with Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing concepts concepts to improve a business ... aka be human where it counts, otherwise automate!

Just because your business is still afloat, doesn’t mean it isn’t taking on water. But you probably already know this, and that’s why you are here. Identifying that there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be is the first step, but what are the next steps? Mobile Pocket Office is leading the way in helping new and established businesses augment their human and technological resources to leverage growth and streamline productivity.
If you found the discussion between Sam and Eric intriguing, insightful, and full of golden nuggets. And are just jumping up and down wanting to speak with Sam or Josh go ahead and book an intro call. We cannot wait to talk with you!
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