I was talking with a customer and friend of mine and he could not stop talking about this for 20 minutes. By the tone of his voice and animated level he is loving this app. His whole team is using it and it has transformed his business.  He comment was it was so darn easy, unlike other online software where you have to hunt to figure it out, this was flat out crazy easy.  Next time we talk Im going to record it.  The funny thing is that his still on the free version and it has change his business, so much he runs it for his personal and family workspace as well. 
I just jumped in a tried in and wow it is simple to learn.
ClickUp is “one app to replace them all”.
They say it’s the future of work – where anyone can work on anything. More than just task management – ClickUp offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox. Fully customizable, ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate.

Founded in 2016. Located in United States

ClickUp Pricing Overview

ClickUp pricing starts at $5.00 per month, per user. There is a free version. ClickUp also offers a free trial.