Don’t Let Inconsistent Follow-Up Stunt Your Growth. Use

These Simple Strategies to Stay in Touch Automatically.

Does it feel like leads are slipping between your fingers because you don’t have the time and resources to follow up the right way every single time? Stop the leak and convert more leads to customers by crafting an automated follow-up strategy that works.

In Automated Sales and Marketing Follow-Up Made Easy, you’ll find out how to automatically contact leads with the right messages at the right times.


  • A self-audit checklist so you can assess where your follow-up can improve
  • An exercise for your team to brainstorm new ideas to attract more leads
  • Step-by-step instructions for developing a follow-up strategy that will keep leads interested and nurture them to buy
  • Simple tips for how to score and route leads so they hear from your sales reps at the right times
  • Ideas for continuing to nurture leads post-purchase so they’ll want to buy from you again
  • Long-term maintenance tips so your automated follow-up never gets outdated

Keep your leads hot by creating an automated follow-up strategy with Automated

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