Coming soon  Aisle Planner Advanced services.
We put this page up since we have some valuable and timely info to share. We will make it pretty real soon.

First up

Using Aisle Planner outside of US and Canada. How to take payments online.

Now that AP can track products and services in many currencies 

Here is what we can help you do and simply the techy part. 

Australian Dollar
Bahamian Dollar
Barbadian Dollar
Bermudian Dollar
Brazilian Real
British Pound Sterling
Canadian Dollars
Cayman Islands Dollar
Chinese Yuan
Croatian Kuna
Curacao – Netherlands Antillean Guilder
Danish Krone
Ghanaian Cedi
Guatemalan Quetzal
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah
Lebanese Pound
Japanese Yen
Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso
Norwegian KroneNew Zealand Dollar
Romanian Leu
Singapore Dollar
South African Rand
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
New Taiwan Dollar
Thai Baht
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar


  1. Stripe in your native currency
  2.  EU Bank to Bank Transfers for € .25 per transaction
  3. Secure form to enable the above that you just have a link in Proposal or Contract for client to sign
We have established a way for a non US or Canadian Company to get a Stripe account and a EU bank to bank transfer site where transaction cost are only € .25 per transaction.
We have set up forms for taking payment for these options and when the payment is made it goes into the customers own business account based on country.
We provide a link to use in the AP invoice, email  or proposal for payment.
When a payment is made,  you get an email and or text alert
When the money is deposited in account you get an alert
Then you just check off in AP that the payment was made for that customer payment.

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