Another Freakin Growth Experience.

I was inspired to tell this story after talking with my niece today. Who is an energetic leader and a bundle of enthusiasm and inspires teachers and children around the world!

Well… I did the video below. I have to tell you a story. OK, this time it will be short. Promise for those who know me. Been talking about AFGE’s since I was 11 years old, ok so its been decades.

My close friend Glenn Moran and I use to ride a bike together. Yes “a bike” as in just one single bike together. Oh yes at the same time and it was not a bike for two, just an MX bike.  I really need to see if I can dig up some pictures.

One of us drove and the other sat on the handlebars. WE DID THIS FOR MILES at a time after we perfected it. It did take some practice and we developed a repeatable process of mounting and dismounting after trial and error,  bruised up hands and knees over week and figured out a process for getting started and stopping until we did not get bruised up.  I think it all started because of need,  we had a flat tire and we had to go get another tube no one wanted to be alone where we got stuck.

Many years later we had a business with the same corporate name AFGE.  When 2008 came and went,  that business had to change. So, AFGE has been a framework for thinking about lifes little challenges. Growing and learning.

Fast forward to 2020. Now we as a company and happy to announce it is now father and sons Sam and Max not just son. We apply the principles we developed helping Entrepreneurs and online Ontrapreneurs find their grove. Especially those that are “bootstrappers”. The important take now a days is to build a business that can run without you. Own. Don’t do. Be replaceable. You lead the company while others keep it going. This requires automation, documentation, and well -designed processes.

Today I was texting about this and decided to “carpe deim” and share this story with you. Maybe it will inspire you, as it did my niece. She said “using your words” inspired her to create her professional development idea for fall 2020!  Can’t wait to see this.


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