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50 ways get work done without you doing it

by Oct 15, 2020Blog

Imagine planning a 6 week adventure with no distractions and no internet. Meanwhile when you are out your business is still running.

We have gathered 50 ways get work without you doing it and in many cases it done by a automated process and thus not having to manage an human.

“Build a business that can run without you. Own, don’t do. Be replaceable. You lead the company while others keep it going. This requires automation, documentation and well-designed processes”. Arid Kahl

Imagine creating a business that can thrive without you. “

Dont rely on a few big clients. Being dependent is a risk, and incoming revenue is inconsistent. Many customers mean more stable revenue and less impact should one of them cancel. . Standardized products are attractive to buyers: If you go bespoke , you might go broke. Build a product that can scale and does not need your involvement. ” Arvid.

So lets start with with these ideas.

Super Task List

  1. Entering Leads in your customer tracking system.
  2. Create appointments while you are in the shower. Stop telephone or email tag to find time on calendar to meet.
  3. Creating and sending Video meeting links like Zoom once the appointment time is agreed.
  4. Reminding prospects of appointments so they show up via email or text.
  5. Advertise to those who came to you site but did not sign up
  6. Advertise to those to those who signed up but did not buy to come back
  7. Advertise to those that bought to buy another service or product.
  8. Ask questions that are added to contact profile
  9. Automatically segment your contacts to make targeted offers.
  10. Score prospects based on action or data collected. Only talk to qualified ones first.
  11. Send emails to prospects with one click link to join webinar. So they dont have to fill out a form again.
  12. Follow up with those who started making an appointment  but did not finish
  13. Be alerted when a prospect visits your pricing page
  14. Sent contracts for signature and know when completed
  15. Take credit card for payment online
  16. Create payment plans
  17. Create recurring subscriptions
  18. Create specific payment amounts in the future to be charged.
  19. Send Invoice when a charge is made.
  20. Take one off payments with card on file
  21. Auto update credit cards when card expires or renews
  22. Recharge payments if failed
  23. Remind in subscribers advance when the annual is about to be charged.
  24. Dunning emails to failed payments
  25. Alert to Accounts Receivable of failed payments, but to only those contacts that have failed a few times or have not responded to self updating their credit card.
  26. Put a subscription on hold if payment fails and send note to customer
  27. Have people text you a code to get an offer.
  28. Never send an  offer to a customer who already bought the product.
  29. Provide personal discount codes
  30. Create Global coupon codes using $ , %, expiration date, all or specific products.
  31. Create coupon for only first x amount of product sales
  32. Offer a free trial then take payments
  33. Allow discounts on the first payment only.
  34. Take custom payment plans when needed.
  35. Store multiple credit cards.
  36. Run multiple brands and websites in one system
  37. Add Contact to Facebook audiences based on conditions
  38. Remove or change contact on Facebook audiences when conditions are met.
  39. Asking for referral from every customer and tracking everyone who sign up.
  40. Tracking who is best referrer.
  41. Keep track of who you owe  referral rewards.
  42. Paying those rewards
  43. Getting 1099 info for those who earn over $600
  44. Track where every lead came from.
  45. Track which ones convert
  46. Track all advertising and know which convert.
  47. Allow customer to pick their own custom journey based on a quiz.
  48. Notify team members when appointments are made and pass along important information
  49. Move deals to various stages based on the appointment made
  50. Give valuable information to the contact before the meeting occurs
  51. Run support flows and win-back sequences
  52. Identify and segment your contacts based on where they found your Calendar invite

50 ways get work without you doing it. Tell everyone to take a hike, while you are actually on a hike.

Here is a list 50 things that we know suck up your time and attention that can go away.

We have thousands of ideas on how to eliminate yourself and extract you from getting the details done right or rework when wrong for a clear and consistent customer experience.